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The New Jedi Order Empty The New Jedi Order

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The New Jedi Order

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After Order 66, a group of Jedi escaped the Empire, ending on a planet in the Outer Rim known as Asfala. It was a special planet due to its unusual connection to the Force. The animals controlled it, and the trees and water embedded themselves with it. The Force was all around, giving strength to every creature who touched it. The planet also protected itself from outside forces with the Force. It blocked other Sensitives from detecting it and jammed communication technology. 

Asfala became the surviving Jedi's new home. After growing accustomed to it, they began sending a few of their groups out to collect more surviving Jedi. They also searched for force-sensitive children and adults that had yet to come under the Galactic Empire's radar. Eventually, after 55 years of collecting Jedi and also breeding with each other, they had grown to the size of over 200 people.

They split themselves into three groups they called the Tribes of Learning, and they lived peaceful on their new home until a great catastrophe occurred. From Asfala, the Jedi could feel a mighty disturbance in the Force, one that hadn't been felt since the time of the first Galactic Wars. Through the Force, they could feel the Sith returning.

Knowing that this will lead to a great imbalance, the Jedi decided to make themselves known, sending out parties of three across the galaxy to fight against the Sith threat. While they moved out, they discovered the atrocities committed by both the New Republic and the First Order, and couldn't stand to bare witness to any of them. The Grand Master of the Jedi made it known in every sector of the Galaxy that they would not stand to watch the people suffer under the rule of tyrants any longer. They decided to fight only for the people and bring balance once again to the force.

-The Tribes-

The Warriors

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The Warrior tribe are a group of Jedi whose main focus are in combat. They are taught how to fight in many ways, as well as how to use their opponents weaknesses against them. Every warrior at least knows 4 different forms of lightsaber combat before they are allowed to venture out into the world. Most of them own blue lightsabers, which contributes to the reason why other tribesmen call them "Blue Jedi."

The Sages

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The Sage tribe are a group of Jedi that focus on enhancing their knowledge in the Force. They are perfect practitioners of the mystic ways and are always creative for how they use their powers. It is them that make special bonds with animals and others of the Force. They ultimately only know 2 forms of lightsaber combat, but this is because lightsabers are rarely needed when they could do so much more with the Force. Most of them own green lightsabers. Because of this, their other tribesman call them the "Green Jedi."

The Polymaths

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The Polymaths are the most esteemed among the other tribes. They are those that study more than battles or the Force. They study science, logic, and information that are within the Galaxy's reach. They are the leaders, whose sole job are to gather knowledge on the world and help Asfala grow. They only need to know one form of lightsaber combat, but they can learn many more if they want. They may also study on the Force, because it is apart of helping their intellect grow. They mostly use yellow lightsabers. Because of this, the other tribesman refer to them as the "Yellow Jedi."

-The 3 Jedi Rule-

When a Jedi youngling has proven themselves ready for combat and liberation, they are placed into a group of threes, one from each Tribe of Learning. Those chosen three become a team, and are sent out into the galaxy. Normally, those from the Polymath are the chosen leader. They command the Warrior and the Sage through battle using their intellect. The Warrior, whose skills are profound, will fight the enemy head on while the Sage provides cover with the Force. Their goals are to bring many more Force-Sensiives to the planet Asfala, and help as many planets from the First Order and New Republic's tyranny as possible.

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