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"We are travelers on a cosmic journey. Stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal."
- Paolo Coelho

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away...

Order 66 was activated. The world fell into complete turmoil as the Jedi were slaughtered by their own forces and the Empire took control with Palpatine as their new leader. Accompanied with him, the dreaded Darth Vader. Together, they formed the Galactic Empire. 

All hope seemed lost for the Galaxy until 19 years into the future. Luke Skywalker trained to become a Jedi and, with the help of Leia Organa, Han Solo and Chewbacca, destroyed the first ever Death Star. This marked a new era in history as the beginning of the rise of the Republic. 

4 years later, the Rebel Alliance learned of the creation of a second Death Star. The Rebels charged at it in the hopes of making another fatal blow in the Empire, but quickly discovered that it was all according to Emperor Palpatine's plan, and that a trap had just been set. Even still, they manage to fight the Empire, and Luke Skywalker succeeds in slaying the Emperor with the help of his father. However, he did not make it out alive.

This created a rift in the world as everyone began mourning for the last known Jedi. Leia, with the death of her good friend, became struck with grief and devoted herself completely to her work. The Rebel Alliance officially changed their name to the New Republic with Leia Organa as their new Chief of State.

By the orders of Emperor Palpatine after his death, the Empire made itself crumble through Operation Cinder until it eventually leads to its own destruction. In its place the First Order rose, led by Supreme Leader Snoke. 

After 3 decades in secrecy, the First Order decided to make their first large attack with the Starkiller Base, and tagetted the Hosnian Prime. This led to the death of several Senate members and turned the entire quadrant into a pocket Nova.

The New Republic tried to fight back and destroy the Starkiller Base. They sent several pilots and warships to storm the Ice Planet and destroy it within. However, they failed in their mission and only made it non-operational. Many New Republic soldiers died, and the First Order was able to relocate their base before the New Republic sent in more soldiers.

Forever Infinite Timeline

After realizing that he was close to losing this war, Supreme Leader Snoke decided to call in his last resort. He commanded the dark Sith, Eris Palpatine, hidden grandaughter of Sheev Palpatine, to take on the role as Empress and try to rebuild the Empire her grandfather ordered to destroy.

The new Empress commanded a secret weapon that had the power to transform non-force sensitives into siths. She began creating her secret army, starting the order that she soon called the One Sith. With the Sith's return, it seemed that the New Republic was hopeless in this war. Their battles were lost easily, and they started quickly losing the control they had gained over parts of the Galaxy. The second Galactic War had begun.

In complete desperation, the New Republic started using terrible methods under the rule of its new Senate. They began hiring Mandalorians to perform evil and illegal acts, and they started creating weapons that slowly destroyed planets and killed their people. 

In the midst of all this new turmoil, something unexpected happened. The Jedi returned. In the form of small, 3 man militias across the galaxy, as warriors wielding blue, green and white lightsabers. They called themselves the New Jedi Order. They fought against both the New Republic and the First Order, mainly attacking the sith and saving the people from tyranny. They refused to join either side of the war, but worked to help innocents in need, making them enemies and wanted criminals on both sides of the war.

The Galaxy erupted into complete Anarchy once again. With the 2nd great and final Galactic War breaking out, it is up to a vast amount of individuals to shape the Galaxy for the better or for the worse. It is up to you to end this war. How will your legacy shape this galaxy for eternity?

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