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Post by Storm on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:17 pm

Site Rules

Hello wonderful onlookers. here on Star Wars Forever Infinite, we strive to make our site friendly and inviting for all members. With that being said, there are a few rules and regulations we would like for you all to look at that will help your transition into SWFI a lot smoothly. By signing onto this site and creating your character, you agree to follow these rules and that any penalty given to you for violating any one of them is fair and reasonable. (These rules are also included for our Chat).

-1. Be Nice. This includes no Flaming, Trolling, Insulting, Baiting, Spamming, Sexual Harassment, Derogatory Language or anything else that may offend, frustrate or sadden other members. On SWFI, we make it a goal to be friendly to one another and help each other. We seek to keep a friendly atmosphere, and ruining said atmosphere will not be permitted.

-2. Nothing Illegal. Do not ask for or post any Illegal content on SWFI. Do not give pornography, warrez information, or hacking information. Anything considered against the law or dangerous (including malicious links) will be immediately deleted and you will be banned from SWFI indefinitely.

-3. Must Be 18+. Despite the demographic the Star Wars Franchise is made for, this is a mature site that deals with situations in a mature way. We expect every member to show competency in writing as well as be adult enough to handle matters in a calm and fair fashion. If we suspect that anyone is under the age of 18 and still joins, we will ask you kindly to leave. If we ask you anymore then we will ban you. No hard feelings, that is just the rules of our site.

-3. No Advertising. We'd like to ask you to only advertise in the advertising section of our forum. Please do not post links in chat or anywhere else on the forum of your site, or advertise your site to get more people from ours to join.

-4. Character Rules. We have a few rules about character creation that we would like for you to follow before your make your character.

  • Please match your profile name with the name of your character. You can make it a well known nickname or add in a special title if you like, but please do not make it very long. If we feel that you have made too long of a name we will ask you to shorten it.

  • Please remember that you are allowed to make 5 characters. Of those 5 characters, only 3 will be allowed to be force-sensitive. For ever character you make, you must at least make 25 posts with said character to be able to make another character.

  • Forever Infinite allows players to choose their face claims from real life people and cartoon/anime/drawings/video game art. You may even play the face claims of characters from the Star Wars series, as long as they are characters who did not make a big impact on the Star Wars universe.

-5. Non-Canon. This is an Alternate Universe site, meaning that all characters that players create must be original and not in anyway apart of the Star Wars Canon/Legends universe. You may be allowed to play face claims like Mace Windu's Samuel L. Jackson, but you may not play Mace Windu. However, characters can still be related to Star Wars canon characters that are long since dead, as long as they do not conflict with the site's canon material.

- Penalties. We like to be fair on SWFI, thus anyone who breaks one of these rules will be first given a warning. We will most likely PM you telling you the rules you've broken and to never break any again. If you continue to break said rules we will ban you from our site for a week. If this still continues then you will be banned indefinitely.

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