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How To Place an Ad  Empty How To Place an Ad

Post by Cole on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:11 pm

We all have people we wish we could have join and they just usually end up being a NPC. By placing an ad you let your fellow members know and potential new members in on what you need.

If your looking for family members, friends or even a soulmate for your character make a new thread depicting what you are looking for. Give as much detail as possible about your character and what he or she is looking for, though still try to leave the door open to the creative process.

If you wish to designate a face claim be sure to reserve the face you are asking for over in the face claims thread. Once you place an AD keep an eye on it so if someone comments you can start a discussion.

This forum is Guest friendly so guests may ask questions or inform someone they shall be fulfilling your wishes.

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