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Amara Ordo

Age: 20
Species: Human
Force Sensitive: Yes
Home planet: Ordo of the Mandalore system.
Loyalties: None.
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female

Amara is a mandalorian warrior born and bred for war. As the conflict between the republic and first order escalated, Clan ordo was all but enslaved by the republic, pressured into service by the republic and forced to fight in this never ending war.

Following a battle with the One Sith army, Clan Ordo stood all but destroyed. Still the clan’s leadership prepared them for another battle, Amara held her friend as she died in her arms on the field of battle and it was then her patience with the clan had broken. In the dead of night she ran from her legion, from her clan, doing what few mandalorians would. She deserted her fellow warriors choosing to be selfish and run.

A bounty was put on her head, she would be returned to clan leadership alive for trial and questioning. Amara didn’t know why they wanted her alive but she ran as hard as sh could until her running came to an end. She was captured in Nal Hutta, injured and brought back the outpost on Planet Ordo. For a month now she has lived in a cell awaiting the judgement of her leaders for her crimes.
Amara Ordo
Amara Ordo

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