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Manon Ventress Jj10
Manon Ventress

Age: 25
Species: Half-Human/Half-Dathomirian
Force Sensitive: Yes
Home planet: Corellia
Loyalties: The Empire
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female

History: Manon was born at Corellia, in a brother, to a whore. She was just another unwanted child in the household, with three older siblings and a mother who had no interest in her children, it was a miracle she survived her childhood. Despite their heritage, Manon was the only one to be force sensitive, which set her apart from her siblings and made her the freak of the family.

Abused mentally, physically and even sexually, Manon spent her childhood locked up in the brothel top floor, fighting for survival, until at age of twelve, during fight for food, she killed her oldest sister and in fear of punishment, she managed to escape to live on the streets instead.

For a while, life seemed to get better. She found a group of homeless people, who took her in and while they had no roof over their heads and many days no food as well, she was happier, than ever before. She felt accepted and that was something new to her. It was around that time, when she met Adrian, a boy three years older, than her. He quickly became her anchor, her best friend, her only family, her first love. But while she gave him all she had, he in fact, cared very little for Manon, only helping her survive, because he took pity in her.

It took Manon two years to figure out, that these people stuck together only for survival and nothing else. Once they were offered some money and food in exchange for her as a slave, from one of locals, they gave her away without blink of an eye.

Broken after yet another betrayal, Manon refused to follow others' orders anymore and she ran. She spent another two years running away, always alone. She was ready to die, when she decided to sell the very last piece of hope she had, a ring that her mother managed to steal from her father the night Manon was conceived. An object, that once held a promise of bright future, where Manon reunites with her father and have a better life, was just a meaning for one last lunch, before starvation and exhaustion would take her life away.

Barely few hours after Manon stood face to face with Eris Palpatine, a woman, whom she later learnt was her half-sister. It was yet another miracle, that Manon survived this meeting. While Eris was angry that someone stole from her father, Manon did not trust people anymore, especially not people, who were related to her. In the end, Eris realized, that Manon had certain talents and decided to take her under her wing.

Eris became the whole World for Manon. She taught her how to fight, how to use the force. She gave Manon home, nice clothes and food. But she also gave her something, that Manon never knew before. Actual family.

RP Sample: As her feet touched the ground of Corellia, Manon felt nothing. It was quite disappointing, actually. But what did she expect, really? She had no good memories of this place. In fact, she was here mainly, so she could bury the bad ones. It didn't take long to find her old "home". It took even less time to set it on fire. Oh, how long did Manon dream of watching all these people burn. Yet, as she watched the flames devouring the building, and listened to screams of people trapped inside, she felt nothing. Just like Eris said. It was all pointless. There was nothing in this World, that could make the pain and anger go away. The past was in the past. It was part of her, who she was.

Passing the old homeless shelter, Manon watched yet another bunch of traitors with smirk on her face. In the end, seeing Adrian still amongst them did bring a bit of a satisfaction, but she had no more time to waste. "I'll burn you lot next time," she chuckled to herself as she walked away, get the mission done. She could not wait to go home...

Is your username your character's first and last name capitalized? (If no, place request to fix it here): Yes
How did you find us?: I didn't. Cole made me do it!
Are you 18 or older: Yup
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