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Post by Cassian Vos on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:43 pm

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Cassian Vos

Age: 26
Species: Human
Force Sensitive: Yes
Home planet: Asfal
Loyalties: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male

Growing up in the shadow of a legend is a heavy burden for any child. Growing up in the shadow of a legendary jedi is even worse. Son of Romulus Vos, Grandson of Quinlan Vos, Cassian knew from a young age he had large boots to fill. Though he knew the jedi looked to him expecting him to be as gifted as his grandfather or as level headed as his father but he always seemed to be neither.

Quick to anger, temperamental, these were flaws he had to train hard to overcome but in time he would learn to master his emotions, or atleast become good at hiding them. Growing up he had two best friends who would go on to be his partners for leaving the hidden planet they called home.

He looked to Justice like the brother he always wanted, and though they would fight like brothers do he never wanted to see the day where he couldn't find him at his side. Bryn was different though, she was beautiful and sweet and as children he cared for her, as teens he wanted her, as adults he fell in love with her. Though there romance wouldn't last he never let go of his affection for her, always remembering the way her lips felt when he kissed them.

The closer the day came to choose a leader for there group the more tensions rose. The council kept making implications that Cassian would be the leader, it made sense didn't it? He was top of his class as a scholar, he could fight like the devil and his abilities with the force were strong. Not as strong as his friends, not until he was angry that is.

Everyone knew they were considering Cassian, so when they chose Justice instead, it was like a physical blow. But Cassian smiled, he shook his best friend's hand and congratulated him. Soon they were on a ship, heading out into the galaxy for the first time.

Cassian Vos
Cassian Vos

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