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Weapons & Abilities Guide Empty Weapons & Abilities Guide

Post by Storm on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:49 am


1.) You may roleplay without your listed weapons/abilities, but, for better regulation, you may not roleplay combat unless you have registered weapons/abilities.

2.) Characters may start with 5 Weapons and 5 Abilities, or 10 weapons and 0 Abilities, or 1 Weapon and 9 Abilities, etc, etc. As long as the number of weapons and abilities combined does not supersede 10, you can do whatever you want.

3.) Once your Weapons/Abilities are registered, you may start roleplaying in battles. Your Weapons/Abilities listed will list whatever weapon/ability is on your character, or your character can use in every thread. You may ask to have your starting Weapons/Abilities changed at any time. However, once you have gotten into combat, those weapons/abilities you have will not be changeable.

4.) You may add new Weapons/Abilities to your list, but they may only be obtained during story. If you manage to create a good enough story with your fellow roleplayers, you may head over to the upgrade section and post an upgrade for the weapon/ability that your character earned.

5.) When registering items like pistols or other type of guns, it is important that you be as detailed as you possibly can. I.E, how many shots the weapon can fire at once if it has a burst mode? How long is the range of the gun? And what are any other special features your weapons may have?

5. ) Items with any types of explosion- I.E, Thermal Grenades, Smoke Grenades, or Rockets- must have a list of how many the user may have on them before roleplaying. I.E, x100 Thermal Grenades or x04 Rockets. Please be logical with the number of explosions you have. You cannot have a man slinging 100 grenades in his bag and not expect him to be hindered.

Combat Rules.

1.) Such abilities that deal with the mind- I.E, Force Mindtrick, Mind reading, or Force Illusion- must have permission from the other player to use on their character before being used.

2.) Abilities that control or manipulate Dimensions/Time will not be allowed on the site. Only those that are Tier 6 in the Force will be allowed to control these powers, and they will still be heavily moderated.

3.) A character can only ragdoll another character for one post. Afterwards, they must wait 2 more posts before said character can be ragdolled again. I.E, Player 1 force pushes Player 2 backwards on first post. Player 1 must now wait for his 4th post to be able to force push player 2 back again.

4.) Every thread is not death enabled until they place the words DE in their title. If a thread does not start out death enabled, all party members participating in the thread must agree to make the thread death enabled before placing DE in the title.

5.) Since this is a site that favors logic and order over confusion, please be sure to make your combat posts as logical as you possibly can. If an admin calls you on something and says that it is not logical, please do not argue back with them.

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