My Councilwoman, My Sister

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My Councilwoman, My Sister Empty My Councilwoman, My Sister

Post by Rune Kenobi on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:44 am

Name: Up to you
Possible FC: Emilia Clarke, open
Relationship with Bryn: Older Sister
Age: 31-33
Description: Bryn's sister is older than her by eight years and is quite the accomplished Jedi. She is of the Sage tribe and shares a mother with Bryn but not a father. Still, they have always stayed quite close. Recently she was selected as the councilwoman to represent the tribe at the Council. Your character's maternal grandmother was once a Jedi, but left the order once she became pregnant. After Order 66 your grandmother and mother were picked up by other surviving Jedi and taken to Asfala. You, your mother, and sister all grew up in this new Jedi Order and are faced with the challenges of a world in chaos. Your character must be a leader, though other character traits are up to you the player.
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