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Eris Palpatine

Age: 46
Force Sensitive: Yes
Loyalties: The Empire
Relationship Status: n/a
Sexuality: bisexual
Gender: female


Eris was born at the height of her grandfather's power, though she lost her mother in childbirth, she had her father and her grandfather and both these men were her entire world. Her father was not force sensitive, so he made himself a military prodigy and became well known for leading troops into battle himself. It was obvious to all who knew the child, that Eris posessed great power and a affinity for the darkside. Her grandfather would be her first teacher, and her hardest critic. To make her a weapon he would put her through tests that would have killed or driven an ordinary child insane. Training started young so he could make her an heir worthy of his empire.

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When the empire fell she could see the Deathstar exploding as the ship she was on flew hard through rebel forces to make the jump to hyperspace. She watched unblinking as she realized her family was dead, as was the only life she had known. Fire burned in her black eyes and the darkness inside her only grew. Though her world burned at her back, her training never stopped. Her praetorian guards and her mentor Valeska were under strict orders to continue her education and to prepare her to one day rise and take back her home.

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Eris threw herself into her training, never giving her heart a chance to mourn. Neither did her mentor, as the empire ran to regroup on the outer rim and soon into the unknown regions, Eris lived in the heart of the fleet, training, growing, learning politics, economics, history, and the most important art of all, was the art of death. Valeska often commented he had never had a student who trained so hard, as if the pressure she placed on her self was meant to turn this stone into a diamond. But still the old swords master didn't relent and neither did Eris, around her the sith flourished and the darkside was a palpable thing in the fleet.

She was seventeen years old when Supreme leader snoke found the fleet, she had felt him in the force before his ship had docked, uncontested the tall regal man had emerged from his ship and picked her out of the crowd. Her guards had formed up around her, protecting the heir. But they were no match for Leader Snoke who forced each of her elite guard to their knees. He had placed a long fingered hand on her jaw and using the force had stopped her from igniting her sabers, he explained who he was and what he wanted from her. They spoke mind to mind and for a few moments the imperials around them had no idea what transpired between the heir and the lordly man before her.

Eris informed the officers that Lord Snoke would be staying for a few days, and in that time the supreme leader taught her many things and helped lay out the groundwork for her future. Though she had with her only three of her grandfather's inqusitors and she had thought they were the last of the sith, Snoke informed her of his job over the centuries, slowly nurturing the sith to return to power. He told her she would lead them along with the last hold outs of the empire, and they met with his ships in the unknown regions. The first time she stood above the assembled First Sith Army, she had felt like hope, the first of it in a very long time.

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As she aged her power grew, she became a weapon even the most experienced fighters struggled to defeat. Her name and identity were hidden and she known as Commander Mal, a high ranking officer of both the sith and imperial armies. She readied her forces and when the time was right the First order entered the world in the open, no loner hiding in the shadows. With the years passing by and the conflict between the resistance, the republic and the first order becoming more and more frantic she sent more forces to the first order, covertly, quietly so no one learned where they had all come from.

By age forty-four it was near time to tell the world her name, and Snoke insisted she posessed a body guard, but Eris wanted more. Out of a batch of grey skinned experiments she chose the most gifted, the most deadly of them all and with time he became not just her guard but her right hand, her trusted advisor and her weapon when she could not be the one to enforce justice herself.

Following a near destructive battle between the republic and the first order, Eris' name has been finally released and the first order and empire loyalists recognize her as there Empress. With her hand at her side, and the fleet at her back she will stop at nothing to seek her revenge on the republic and wipe out the jedi threat once and for all.
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